General Practice and Hospital Dentistry


Mon:  8am-5pm
Tue:   10am-5pm
Wed:  8am-5pm
Thu:   8am-5pm
Fri:     8am-5pm

Our office is closed from 12-1pm for lunch. Patients of record experiencing pain or swelling after-hours are directed to call our clinic at 415-502-8914.  The answering service will contact the on-call resident.

Services offered:

Cleanings and deep cleanings, Fillings (amalgam and composite/tooth-colored), Root canal therapy, Crowns and Bridges, Implant Crowns and Bridges, Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Dental extractions, Tooth Whitening, Fluoride Trays.  All radiographs are digital.

As we provide comprehensive care in our clinic, patients who only require wisdom tooth extractions are directed to the Oral Surgery specialists.

Various forms of sedation are also offered, including general anesthesia in a hospital setting.  Due to the demand for these services and coordination required, it often takes several months after the initial consultation to provide care under general anesthesia.  If urgent treatment is required, please contact the California Dental Association to find a dental provider who can better suit your needs.

What to expect at your first visit:

Please plan to arrive with plenty of time to find parking and register.  If you are unable to complete the online registration, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

If an interpreter is needed, please indicate this at the time you schedule your appointment.  We are only able to provide interpreters with advanced notice.

At your first visit, we will ask you several questions about your overall health, conduct an examination and radiographs when possible, and provide a treatment plan.  If sufficient time remains, we may initiate treatment.

In order to make the most of your time with the doctor, please bring with you:

  • Personal identification card (e.g. drivers’ license, state identification card)
  • Insurance information
  • Completed registration forms (including terms & conditions, hipaa, and dmfs)
  • Name and telephone number of your physician
  • Recent and complete list of medications
  • List of allergies.  If you have an allergy to local anesthetic, please bring records from your allergist.
  • List of surgeries and dates
  • Copy of recent dental x-rays within the past 5 years.  Please contact your previous dentist well in advance of your first appointment with us as this transfer of records may take time.

Extra information for patients with special needs:

  • If a patient is unable to make treatment decisions on his/her own, appropriate documentation of the legally authorized surrogate (e.g. conservatorship documentation) must be provided at the consultation
  • Family members who wish to be involved with treatment decisions or who are financially responsible must come to the consultation visit.  Unfortunately, our doctors are unable to call every family member of every patient.
  • The caregiver/family member who accompanies the patient to the appointment must be familiar with the patient’s medical conditions, previous dental experiences, and oral home care regimen.

If this information is not provided to the doctors at the first visit, treatment will be delayed.

Questions about finances?

Please check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.  If you have specific questions about your treatment fees, please call our clinic.

Payment Options:

This facility accepts most dental insurance contracts. Copayments and deductibles are payable at the time of treatment. Visa and Master Card are accepted.

Patients can now qualify for dental financing thru:




Community service:

Our doctors participate in a number of community service events and activities on campus and throughout the Bay Area.