General Practice and Hospital Dentistry


Faculty and resident dentists provide comprehensive general dentistry—including implant dentistry—to patients who wish to receive the excellent care that UCSF offers, but for whom the student practice is not a good fit. Our newly remodeled practice has private rooms, digital radiography, and is open Monday - Friday.

What to expect at your first visit:

Your dentist will ask you about your dental and medical health and examine your mouth. Treatment options will be discussed and, when possible, treatment may be initiated at your first visit.

We encourage you to register online before arriving to your appointment. When online registration is not possible, please plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

In order to make the most of your time with the doctor, please bring with you:

  • Personal identification card (e.g. drivers’ license, state identification card)
  • Insurance information
  • Name and telephone number of your physician
  • Recent and complete list of medications and allergies
  • List of surgeries and dates
  • Copy of recent dental x-rays within the past 5 years. Please contact your previous dentist well in advance of your first appointment with us as this transfer of records may take time.
Extra information for patients with special needs:
  • If a patient is unable to make treatment decisions on his/her own, appropriate documentation of the legally authorized surrogate (e.g. letters of conservatorship) must be provided at the consultation.
  • Family members who wish to be involved with treatment decisions or who are financially responsible must come to the consultation visit.
  • The caregiver/family member who accompanies the patient to the appointment must be familiar with the patient’s medical conditions, previous dental experiences, and oral home care regimen.
  • To facilitate timely evaluation and treatment, the patient must bring a copy of their medical records from their primary care physician and any specialist(s). This should include a list of primary diagnoses and a detailed history of medical conditions that may impact dental care.

Questions about finances?

Please check with your insurance carrier to determine your coverage. If you have specific questions about your treatment fees, please call our clinic and ask to speak with the financial counselor.

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Please fill out forms online or print and bring them with you to your first appointment: