GPR Externship Program

Program Overview

The UCSF GPR externship is a 2-week experiential learning program available to third and fourth year dental students interested in learning more about hospital dentistry, general practice residency programs, and specifics of the UCSF GPR program.  During the externship you will meet and work with our faculty and residents, participate in scheduled didactics and get an overall feel for the program and its rotations.  The externship is available throughout the year with the exception of the month of July when we are transitioning our new residency class into the clinics.  A limited number of externships are offered each year.  We recommend you apply early.  Requested dates must be approved by the program director.


Arrangements for room and board are the responsibility of the extern. The housing office website has information about short-term lodging.  For further details, the housing office can be contacted at (415) 476-1426.   The Psi Omega fraternity house may also offer housing during the summer months.  To inquire about availability, send correspondence to: Attn: House Manager, 101 Woodland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94117.

Educational Objectives:

  • To learn more about the advantages of participating in a 1-year post graduate general practice residency program.
  • To become acquainted with the specifics of the general practice residency program at UCSF.
  • To obtain experience in hospital dentistry and the treatment of patients with special needs.


  • You must be enrolled in a dental school at the time of your scheduled externship.
  • You must have satisfactory completion of all pre-clinical coursework at your dental school.
  • You must be able to commit a 2-week block of time.  We currently do not offer shorter externships.

How to Apply:

  • 1.  Contact Dr. Robert Range at and provide your specific dates of interest to verify availability.
  • 2.  E-mail a one-page ‘letter of intent’ explaining why you wish to participate in the externship.
  • 3. You will receive an approval or denial of your request within 30 days of receipt of your available days and letter of intent.
  • 4. If approved, please submit the necessary paperwork and documentation listed below and await final approval prior to making travel and lodging arrangements.  Paperwork and documentation can be sent to:

Pearl Zulueta
ATTN: UCSF GPR Externship Program
University of California, San Francisco
521 Parnassus Ave, C-522, Box 0440
San Francisco, CA 94143-0440

Required Forms and Payment (links below):

  • GPR Externship Application (Application for an Elective).
  • $50 non-refundable application fee.  Checks should be made payable to UC Regents.
  • Immunization Form 2014-2015.
  • Badge Request Form.
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Scrub Application Form.

Additional Documentation Required:

  • Submission of a letter from the Office of Academic Affairs at your dental school, confirming that you are in good academic standing.
  • Submission of a letter of recommendation from a clinical faculty you have worked with who can speak on behalf of your character and clinical aptitude.
  • Evidence of health insurance to cover the externship period.
  • Evidence of malpractice insurance to cover the externship period.
  • Evidence of liability insurance to cover the externship period.

International Applicants:

At this time we are not accepting international applicants.  We do offer a preceptorship for those who have graduated from a school of dentistry that is recognized by the World Health Organization.


Pearl Zulueta
Academic Programs Analyst
Phone: (415) 476-8221
Fax: (415) 476-6305

Robert H. Range, DDS
Program Director, GPR Externship
Phone: (415) 502-0333
Fax: (415) 476-8999


Please fill out the following forms and return them to the address listed above: